FONLAD Digital Art Festival



FONLAD Digital Art Festival

With the post-modern digital art, image becomes a secondary manifestation, a material epiphenomenon so to speak, of the abstract code that, in a certain way, converts itself into the main vehicle of creativity.
The image doesn’t exist anymore by its own right, its purpose is to obtain from the light the invisible code without depending on the material source employed.
Donald Kuspit

In the extended world presented to us by the thousands of computer networks that connects us to the whole world, the Internet assumes itself not only as an important means of artistic divulgation but also a creative one.
Being presented as a hidden world from the eyesight (the digital world needs an interlocutor to be apprehended, usually a computer screen) another world (virtual, not real) is found beyond the luminous pixels that separate it from our reality. To know this world, to understand its creative potentials, we must interact with it.
All art is a plasticization of concepts, codes and signals that are unique. These codes and signals are dissimulated in a certain physical support. And if it was possible to retrieve the support in which they exist, what would happen? Would they be lost in the non-material space? Or another world would be discovered, previously unable for us to see by the existence of the object?
The digital has allowed us to create concepts without an object. Create art without materiality.


The Festival appeared in 2005 with the participation of two important artists: Agrícola de Cologne and Annie Abrahams. 19 artists from 13 countries presented 24 works on different media. The great attraction was its presence in Madrid, on October 05’s, in Tesauro’s Gallery, with the support of the Recrearte Association (a local artists collectivity).


Pursuing the reception in Madrid, it was opted the second year for a physic exhibition: 32 artists from 14 countries: 7 from the United States, 5 of Portugal, 4 from Italy, 3 from Brazil and Spain, 2 from Poland, and one from Germany, Uruguay, Venezuela, Chile, Mexico, Switzerland, Belgium and Taiwan. From 3 to 26 of November, took place the Bissaya Barreto’s Foundation exhibition, in Coimbra. The festival counted on 38 workmanships: 24 photographs from 19 artists; 6 videos and 8 web art works. Yan Chung Hsien come especially from Taiwan to the opening of Festival, having pronounced some words about he’s video at the Bissaya Barreto’s Foundation. Equally to detach, was the performance from Antonio Azenha that pleased all the present ones.
The exhibition came forward presenting Digital Subjects in 2007, preceding the actual festival.
The present year with the participation of 25 artists from 11 countries, the festival will take place in Internet between 3 up to 31 November 07 with an exhibition in 2008 in the Water’s Museum in Coimbra, Portugal.

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FONLAD Digital Art Festival