Digital Art Festival Rosario/AR


A cooperation since 2003


The Digital Art Festival Rosario/Argentina was in 2003 for the 1st time a cooparation partner and presented “Violence Online Festival” in its 1st festival edition.

Only in 2006, the next following, the 2nd festival edition and the next cooperation took place, by presenting the finalization of [R][R][F]200x—>XP – global networking project and selections of the first two festival editions of CologneOFF – Cologne Online film Festival.

In 2007, the 3rd Digital Art Festival Rosario is organised between 15 and 18 November 2007 cooperating this time with NewMediaFest2007 by presenting the festival program in physical space.
Furthermore, an affiliate of the festival in Rosario will be annually planned in Bahia Blanca (Argentina), launching in October 2007 the 1st Digital Art Festival Bahia Blanca featuring selections of the CologneOFF festivals 2006.
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The profile of Digital Art Festival Rosario

Location of the festival

The festival is a cooperation between the City Council of Rosario and Rattlesnake Productora , an independant multimedia design company run by the Argentine artist Gabriel Otero.

Rattlesnake is working since 6 years on the development of video works, digital photo, web designs, net art, VJ and divers activities related to the digital art production.

In 2003, Rattlesnake launched the first international festival named “Rosario digital art 2003-Sample 0” which was held in the Centre of Contemporary Expressions (CEC – an institution run by the municipality of Rosario) dated on August 9th 2003, involving more than 600 artists working with digital media from all over the world, incorporating three on-line festivals, among other “Violence Online Festival”.

Location of the festival

As a special guest, the contemporary French artist Orlan delighted everyone with his exclusive material. The main activities developed were video projections, net-art, installations and performances. The meeting was closed by the audio visual set of the local group Vera Baxter.

After several years of absence while other projects were being faced, the second edition of the festival “sample 01” was back in business. This event took place from November 16th to November 18th 2006 at the CEC, featuring the special guests Nancy Nisbet(Canada) and Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Germany) who presented their works in detail in several lectures and presentations to an audience of more than 1000 visitors.

During the three days lasting meeting, the numerous activities included also the screeening of selected film/video programs by invited festivals such as: “Experimenta” (Colombia), “Festival Chroma 7” (Mexico), “Alucine” (Canada), “Cologne Online Film Festival” (Germany), “Festival Rojo Sangre” (Buenos Aires) y “International Digital Art Festival Havanna/Cuba; there was also a show of digital photography, lectures by some renown artists and theorists, meetings, performances, installations, etc. Local bands and themes parties which closed the event everyday.

Location of the festival

The International Art Digital Festival realized in Rosario and Bahia Blanca is intending to generate a space for interacting and interschanging between students and professionals of digital art, design, video, photography, music and every practice related to experimental practice, such as VJ, DJ, audio-visual productions and live performances. The participating artists explore, each one on the field of their activity, new experimental ways of expressions in contemporary art by using digital media.

So, the festival is presenting itself as a unique and independant platform not only for Argentine artists working with digital media in diifferent field of art, but also for all those international artists, who are invited and selected for participating.

The festival provides a diversity of different event components

♣ Projection of selected videos on giant screens
♣ Exhibition of the festival on-line
♣ Exhibition of net art works, interactive and modified games (on giant screens)
♣ Exhibition of digital photography
♣ Facilities
♣ Performances, choreographies and aerobatics, also body painting.
♣ Presentation of artists and work exhibition
♣ Parade of independent designers in joined set with local DJ and VJ
♣ Performance of bands and selected local groups
♣ On-line streaming of the event anywhere in the world.
♣ The festival will be presented/displayed in a DVD including the works of every selected participant artists.